The creation of the vice rectorate for foreign relations and scientific events is part of our country’s desire,  to adapt to the new changes in the world.The goal is to work, to raise the status of Larbi Ben M’Hidi University  for a better visibility in the socio-economic environment, and above all for its opening on an international scale.

From the beginning, we have deployed a strategy that consists of bringing our institution closer to its partners, be they socio economic or national and international academics. This strategy focused on communication,  opening up and valuing all the university’s activities in terms of training, research and infrastructure, led to the  ratification of national, international and business conventions. We have also been active in developing cooperation and partnership activities through the organization of international events and active participation  in cooperation projects in the field of training and research.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 3 of Executive Decree No. 03279 of 23 August 2003, amended and  completed, fixing the administrative organization of the rectorate, Larbi Ben M’Hidi University has the Vice  Rectorate of foreign Relations, Cooperation, Communication Animation and Scientific Events whose main  mission is the application and development of the international policy of Larbi Ben M’Hidi University of Oum El-Bouaghi.

The Vice Rectorate of Foreign Relations is made up of two departments:

1 – Inter-University Cooperation and Exchanges Service responsible for the management and monitoring of:

– National and international partnership agreements.

-Doctoral theses.

– European program (Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus +, …).

– Bilateral research projects (Tassili, PHC Maghreb, …).

– Visits by foreigners (Hospitals, Programs, etc.).

– Foreign Scholarships (PNE, Profas+, Erasmus Mundus, AUF, Islamic Development Bank,…).

– Partnership with the Socio-Economic Sector.

2 – Communication and Scientific Events Department responsible for:

– The organization of scientific and technical events (conferences, workshops, info-day…).

-The development of the university’s newsletters.

-Dissemination of International news and information on the university’s website.

-The preparation of leaflets, brochures, posters, guides, etc….

Participation of the Vice-Rector in charge of External Relations, Prof.  Lamamra Kheireddine at the study day on “Activating cooperation and twinning agreements” organized by  El Amir Abdelkader University of Islamic Sciences of Constantine

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