Under the direction of the League of Arab States’ Arab Academy of Sciences and Technology

The International Programming Competition for University Students qualifying will be held at EL-Ouad University on October 10 and 11, 2022, with SOUF Academy present.

       Programming Competition for University Students Alcpc

This is a programming competition organized at the level of Algerian universities. Where students solve a group of algorithms using programming languages of their choice. The qualified teams travel to the regional final competition to be held in Egypt from 9 to 13 November and will collect teams from countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

competition circumstances:

The participating team must consist of 3 students and a reserve if necessary.

  • The student must be born in 1999 or more.
  • The participating student must be a current semester student (has not stopped registration).

A coach can influence more than one team..

  • The participating team is not required to have members from a single college; however, the team can be formed from different faculties affiliated with the same university, for example; the team’s composition can be as follows: (one student from the Faculty of Engineering and two students from the Faculty of Information Technology or the Department of Computer Science).
  • Each team has a coach, who must be a member of their university’s faculty or an employee.
  • The duration of the contest is 5 hours


The number of questions ranges from 8 to 12.

  • During the competition, the team is only allowed to use one computer.

Languages used in this contest include C, C++, Java, and others.

  • It is forbidden to enter any electronic device, including mobile phones and smart devices, and only references and paper books are permitted..
  • It is not permitted to speak aloud during the competition..

Teams are evaluated based on the number of problems solved and, in the case of two or more equal teams, by the time criterion, because the team that spent the least amount of time answering the questions wins..

Solutions will be evaluated directly during the competition using the correction system approved by the competition committee.

Each team receives points based on the number of problems they responded to, the time it took to solve the problem, and the number of bad solutions sent to the judge.

  • Every team that solves a problem receives a colored ball..

Register via the following link :Click here