Support and mediation unit for students with special needs

Support and mediation unit for students with special needs

It is a socio-pedagogical psychological cell that aims to offer integrated services to all university students with special needs, assist them in adjusting to their new environment, and provide them with programs and activities that will help them reach their full potential in terms of academic, professional, and personal success.

This unit focuses on all the concerns and issues that university students with special needs have, and it specifically assists them in integrating into the academic setting, improving their communication skills, and interacting with various University groups.

The intended audience


  1. Students that suffer from a range of disabilities, including sensory, kinetic, auditory, visual, and others.
  2. International students from several friendly nations, including Palestine, Western Sahara, and others
  3. Students in need (those with a low income, i.e., those with no means to attend the university)


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Dr. Fadila Aroudj, an associate professor at the department of social sciences, serves as the cell’s leader.