The Vice-Rectorate for Development, Foresight and Guidance is responsible for:

– gather the necessary elements for the preparation of the university’s draft development plans;
– carry out any prospective study on the forecasts of changes in the university’s student population and propose any measures for their management, particularly in terms of changes in pedagogical and administrative supervision;
– maintain the university’s statistical file and ensure that it is updated periodically;
– to develop any information material on the university’s teaching programmes and their professional opportunities
– provide students with all the information they need to help them in their choice of orientation;
– monitor construction programmes and ensure the implementation of the university’s equipment programmes in relation to the services concerned.
Vice Rector: Dr. Bendada Toufik
Tel/Fax : 032563298
Three departments assist the Vice-Rector in his functions:

  •  Statistics and Foresight Service
  • Guidance and Information Service
  • construction monitoring and équipement of university