High school students, Ahmed Lakhdar Boukhrouba, on a field visit to the university pole in Ain beida

A field visit for Ahmed Lakhdar Boukhrouba secondary school students to the university pole in Ain Al Bayda, Faculty of Science and Applied Sciences at Arab University bin Mahdi, in the context of encouraging guidance to the technical divisions, whether moving to the second year of high school or when obtaining the baccalaureate .. The visit was for 156 students with supervision Secondary teachers and high school counseling advisor.

On the part of the university, the students were received by the Vice-Chancellor in charge of the pedagogy, the dean of the college, the division officials and specializations, as well as the specialized professors, where the students were introduced to the various specializations that exist and informing them of the available capabilities at the level of research laboratories in the pole, by dividing this visit in two periods The morning period was devoted to students of the first year and evening period for the second and third years

This initiative was highly appreciated by students and their staff, thanking the university’s administration and all those responsible for the success of this visit, as the university’s president in this regard asserted that the university’s doors are always open to our children who want to study with them in various specialties as well as its keenness To provide all possibilities for the success and facilitation of such initiatives