General Secretariat

General Secretary: Mr. ZAIDI Abdelhafid

The general secretariat of the university is placed under the responsibility of a general secretary who is in charge of the administrative and financial management of the structures placed under his authority and the common administrative and technical services.

Missions of the General Secretary

The missions of the general secretary of the university are extended to all strategic activities of management of the general administration, namely the preparation of management plans, the establishment of various decisions, programs of internal security, planning and forecasting projects of university budgets, as well as the leadership role and coordination of all the directorates under its authority and the steering of innovative actions of improvements and modernization of management. The missions are as follows:

Prepare the budget project of the university and follow up its carrying out, , Ensure the following up of the financing of laboratories and research units activities,, Supervise the proper functioning of common services of university,, Implement and promote programs of cultural and sports activities of universities, , Ensure the following up and the coordination of internal security plans of university in relation with the ministerial office of internal security,, Ensure the management and preservation of archives and documentation of the Rectory, , Ensure functioning and management of a registry office of university.

The General Secretary is in charge of the realization of three essential projects to ensure the management of the personnel and the functioning and the patrimony of the University:

1 : Annual Human Resources Management Plan;, 2 : Draft budget;, 3 : Operation of the General Inventory of the University.

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