About the Journal

The Journal of Finance & Corporate Governance is a Bi-annual Peer Reviewed International Journal, targets academic researchers as well as practitioners. It aspires to promote publications of written materials within three fields (finance, Accounting, and corporate governance) in any of the following languages: English, Arabic.

The Journal is unique because it not only publishes articles of academic rigor but also articles by practitioners who have experience in applied Finance and Accounting. The Journal also showcases of current research works of PhD students carried out by laboratories, specialized books reviews and PhD researches resumes.


The Journal of Finance & Corporate Governance is Affiliated and issued under the supervision of the Faculty of Economics, Commerce and Management Sciences in collaboration with INIF Laboratory, Oum El Bouaghi University , Algeria.

Articles should be sent exclusively through the Algerian Scientific Journals Platform (ASJP) from the following link:

A Copyright Form should be signed by the Corresponding Author; and it can be download from here.

Manuscripts Review Process

The Editorial Board Members will make the initial assessment of the suitability of each article for publication in the Journal. If the article is judged suitable for publication. Based on the recommendations of the reviewers, the Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision whether the article should be accepted as it is, revised or rejected.

The peer review score card may be obtained from link shown below
Peer Review Score Card

Published articles that the editors determine to include plagiarized content will be removed from the online archives and the readers will be notified of the action in the subsequent issue of the Journal. Furthermore, articles received from an author determined to have at any time submitted plagiarized material will not be considered for future publication in the Journal.

Puplication Policy

Journal of Finance & Corporate Governance is committed to OPEN ACCESS and is freely accessible online.The journal is a not for profit endeavor

The publication of a peer reviewed journal requires continuous work, responsibility, liability and collaboration from all involved parties: authors, reviewers, editors and board members. The editors have the responsibility of keeping/monitoring the publishing ethics and maintaining the academic record. The Executive and Advisory Editorial Board assume their responsibility on verifying the articles of fraudulent data or plagiarism. The editorial team’s goal is to maintain the publication at the highest publication standards, implying: good quality, original, research based articles, but also corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies, if needed. We appreciate the contributions of every involved party to the work that we publish.