The Vice Rector: Dr.CHOUG FAWZI

 032 56 32 13

- Prerogatives of the vice-rectorate of higher education in the undergraduate and graduate cycle and constant training is to :

  • Follow questions relating to the conduct of courses and courses organized by the university.
  • Ensure consistency of training offerings presented by faculties and institutes with the university's development plan.
  • Ensure compliance with the regulations in force regarding registration, re-registration, checking of knowledge and progress of students.
  • Follow distance education actions provided by the university and promote continuing education actions.
  • Ensure compliance with the regulations and the procedure in force for the issue of diplomas and equivalences.
  • Ensure the maintenance and updating of the student's name file.

- It is composed of the following services:

  • Teaching, Traineeships and Evaluation Service.
  • Continuing Education Service.
  • Service of diplomas and equivalences.