- Description:

The bachelor's degree holder must complete, online, a greeting card available on the dedicated websites. It must include in descending order, within the limit of the number of choices set by the Ministry, the areas of training of the LMD system and / or the preparatory schools and / or the integrated preparatory classes and / or the national and / or national recruitment channels and / or the schools and / or channels of the classical system in which he wishes to register. As a reminder, the greeting card is transmitted, exclusively electronically, through the dedicated websites.

- Data processing :

The national computerized treatment will take care of all the greetings cards of the new graduates, seized and transmitted online. Based on the combination of the three preregistration and orientation parameters, this treatment leads to satisfying each of the new graduates in one of his choices. In the particular case where none of the choices could be satisfied, it is proposed to the new bachelor concerned an assignment in a field of training or a training course. The results of national computerized treatment are made available to graduates on dedicated websites. By consulting one of these sites, the bachelor will be aware of his assignment. He will then appear at the establishment of his assignment, to deposit his registration file, pay his registration fees,

- Provinces and Geographical R egistration:

The geographical registration of new bachelor graduates in the fields of training and training courses, as defined in the corresponding annexes, can be modified to ensure a better allocation of new bachelors, in higher education institutions, offering more capacity for reception, supervision and accommodation.

- Appeals :

In the case of an assignment that does not correspond to any of the choices expressed in the card, the new bachelor can bring an appeal exclusively online. The appeal, thus introduced, will be dealt with in accordance with the pedagogical conditions required and the reception capacity of higher education institutions.

- Orientation :

The orientation of the candidate is based on :

  • The Baccalaureate option.
  • The general average obtained in the Baccalaureate, and, for some streams, the Notes obtained in the main subjects.
  • Place of graduation.

- Reorientation :

In the case where the bachelor, oriented towards a path subject to the success of a competition, an aptitude test or an interview with a jury, is declared not admitted to the tests provided for this purpose, he is reoriented towards the one of his other choices mentioned on the card of wishes in the respect of the pedagogical conditions required and the capacities of reception of the institutions of higher education. In this case, the host institution, on first assignment, is obliged to carry out the whole procedure of this reorientation within the framework of the regional conferences.

- Definitive registration :

  • The candidate must file the complete file including.
  • The original of the Baccalaureate Diploma.
  • 02 Identity Photos of the Candidate.
  • 01 registration fee receipt (payment is made at offices open to the University).

- It is recommended to make copies (certified) before submitting the original of the bachelor's degree -