The student regularly enrolled at the university may suspend his registration, for the current year, for exceptional reasons such as:

  • Disabling chronic disease.
  • Maternity.
  • Long-term illness.
  • National service.
  • Family obligations (relating to ascendants and / or descendants, displacement of spouse or parents related to the function ...).

The file includes the following elements:

  • Form Academic Vacation
  • Copy of Reveal Nots bac.
  • Copy of the certificate of registration or re-registration for the current year.
  • Copy of the student card.
  • Justified (if it is medical at least three months).

Important: An "Academic Leave Decision" will be issued to each student with an accepted application. The student must attach this certificate in the reinstatement file of the following year at the beginning of the academic year. The request for academic leave must be filed at the departmental level within the deadlines set by the university.