statistics and foresight service

Statistics and Foresight Service


This service is responsible for conducting and exploiting censuses, surveys and statistical studies relating to students, teaching and research staff, administrative and technical supervision, scientific equipment and disseminating the results after analysis and processing.

It is a service that conducts surveys relating to the permanent evaluation of the higher education system and scientific research, in particular by synthesising the specific evaluation work carried out by the services concerned.

It is its responsibility to prepare and manage prospective studies concerning medium- and long-term objectives, in particular by studying their feasibility, drawing up university development plans by monitoring implementation and drawing up balance sheets, determining construction and equipment programmes, and monitoring their implementation.

In collaboration with the various departments concerned, the Statistics and Foresight Department prepares and reports on the needs of university income, determines human resources needs and ensures that they are met.

Head of service: Saousene backwash
Rank:  Statistical Engineer