Head of Department

The specialty of Geography and Spatial Planning is a vast field which encompasses a range of varied skills: Geography, Economics, Sociology, Town Planning, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Landscaping…
So this course, with a strong professional aim, aims to promote the professional integration of students, both as study managers in communities, design offices, and as civil servants, through State civil service competitions or in local or national institutions. It also makes it possible to pursue studies for Master and Doctorate Degrees.

The Urban Planning Bachelor aims to give theoretical and practical training to students. Its objective is to:
– Allow students to master the main concepts of spatial planning in their geographic, economic and social dimensions.
– Introduce the various methods and techniques of collection, processing and representation of geographic data (statistics, cartography, GIS).
– Provide students with general training on spatial planning and geography issues.
• Provide practical training in all of the disciplines that make up Land Use Planning (town planning, urban planning, environment and operational planning).

3-Training Organization
The training is articulated into several axes:
– Theoretical and analytical approach to spatial planning.
– Territorial policies, town planning and urban space planning.
– Institutional, economic, legal and social aspects of regional planning.
– Environment and planning practice.
– Project management and planning practice.
– Acquisition of fundamental concepts of Geography.
– Acquisition of working methods and tools mobilized by geography.
– Development of urban planning instruments (PDAU, POS) … etc.