The chief of departement


The Department of Architecture (LMD) opened its doors for baccalaureate holders in September 2010.

Interest and Objectives of the Training

  • Bring architects’ training in line with scientific, technical and technological changes as well as national and international economic demands.
  • Extend the field of students’ knowledge and reflection through a continual and gradual encouragement of personal research. This reflects a teaching approach that empowers students in their careers and encourages them to develop a critical and an innovative mind.
  • Form architects who can meet the socio-economic demands of the job market.


Profile of the Training and Targeted Skills

Knowledge acquired by the end of the bachelor’s degree (three years) will allow students to buildfundamental theoretical information needed to pursue further studies in the field of architecture through the master’s degree, which in turn will lead to more specialized knowledge in different areas for academic and career-related purposes. The variety of master’s degree options and majors helps in forming professionals with adequate theoretical and practical knowledge capable of coping with local, regional, national and international market demands.

Regional and National Potential for Employability

  • The possibility to follow PhD studies.
  • Starting a private business (architectural office)
  • Get a job in local communities, DUC, DLEP, OPGI, URBACO…

Access to the Training

  • Main course: bac + 3 years (academic bachelor’s degree), access to the master’s degree (with or without selection depending on the availability of pedagogic seats), orientation to a professional degree (the majority of students) or a research degree (according to specific criteria).

The Master’s Training

– Professional Master’s (independent practice of the profession after a minimum professional internship of 18 months and registration on the Board of Architects).

–  Academic Master’s leading to the doctoral cycle and teachingat both national and international level.