Dean’s word

The faculty’s mission is to train students in architect, in town planning and geology who,  at the end of their studies,  will be able to work in the liberal and the public sector.

The faculty, which is located inside the central campus, has two buildings, a library, a geology laboratory and architecture workshops. The faculty is strong with a team of sixty young and ambitious teachers and twenty administrative staff. All they constitute a respectful united community, efficient and effective for students.

The Dean welcomes all students who desire to study in our faculty. Those, who are enrolled, will have the chance to live in a new universe full of dynamics and discover new disciplines whose content is accessible to all students. Also, they will also have the opportunity to participate in exam of the 1st year PhD in the specialties of architecture, planning and geology. A good community of doctoral students is already registered.


Le doyen (Adad Med cherif,faculté des sciences de la terre et de l’architecture, 032 56 31 64,,CV adad juin 2017)

Le vice doyen(Kehal Kamel,faculté des sciences de la terre et de l’architecture,,CV KEHAL kamel _2_)

Le vice doyen poste graduation et  les recherches externes(Bousmaha Ahmed,faculté des sciences de la terre et de l’architecture,,CURRICULUM VITAE Bousmaha)

Le chef de conseil scientifique(Mazouz Said,faculté des sciences de la terre et de l’architecture,

Le chef du domaine(Khiari Abdelkader,faculté des sciences de la terre et de l’architecture,hhkhiari,CURRICULUM VITAE khiari abdelkader)

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