The faculty’s mission is to train students in architect, in town planning and geology who,  at the end of their studies,  will be able to work in the liberal and the public sector.

The faculty, which is located inside the central campus, has two buildings, a library, a geology laboratory and architecture workshops. The faculty is strong with a team of sixty young and ambitious teachers and twenty administrative staff. All they constitute a respectful united community, efficient and effective for students.

Faculty lecturers are affiliated with many national laboratories where they carry out many research activities in the form of PRFU projects. Many of them have participated in national and international seminars. This has helped to establish many relations with the international scientific community.

In addition, the faculty organizes a number of scientific days and conferences each year on various topics in order to keep pace with changes in international scientific community. Our team of researchers is willing to meet the challenges of tomorrow, in an optimistic and critical vision. Therefore, they continue to campaign in the direction of improving the content of studies and providing students with a suitable environmental conditions which reward creativity.