Word of the Dean of the Faculty

Dear student,

Welcome to the Faculty of Exact Sciences and the Sciences of Nature and Life. Among the courses of the University Larbi Ben M'hidi, the Faculty of Exact Sciences and Sciences of Nature and Life includes the studies of Sciences of Matter, Sciences of Nature and Life and Mathematics and Computer Science. Each of these courses paves the way for many professional careers, from teaching to research and planning careers. And these degrees are all in great demand.

You are at the entrance of the University, a moment mixed with excitement and anxiety. Excitement of this new experience, this wind of freedom and enthusiasm that characterizes the flight of the youth who leaves the nest to discover the world. And at the same time, anxiety of the unknown. Both of these feelings are normal and desirable, and the Faculty staff is there to help you find your place and your cruising pace among us. This modest booklet is already intended to facilitate your reception.

Welcome to the world of Knowledge, Science and Discovery. You will rub shoulders here masses of knowledge, exhilarating, exciting, sometimes indigestible and mysterious, that you will have to assimilate and understand. You have to work, not to be left behind, to manage your time well between the temptations of university life to be tasted and the demands of the study that requires concentration and availability. This is the secret of a successful academic experience, and often the challenge of the first year. Others before you have, have confidence in your ability to do as well, if not better than them.

On behalf of all the staff of the Faculty, on behalf of the thousands of graduates who have graduated from this Faculty for years, I am happy and proud to welcome you here, and I hope you will get the most out of it.

Good job and good luck.


Dr. Hebbir Nacer