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Head of the Department of Arabic Language

 Mr belkhir hichem

Poste : Head of the Department of Arabic Language

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Head’s of the Department of Arabic Language word

    Praise be to Allah, who made his holy book a source of knowledge for the firsts and the others, and a reference to the laws of creation, and the light and guidance of the worlds, and Allah’s prayers to Muhammad his Messenger peace and blessing be upon him.

   Our Arabic language is the miracle of God in his glorious book, and Allah has favoured it with preference, as He says: “And so we have revealed it to us in Arabic, and we have sent it out of fear, so that they may be cautious.” [Surah Taha: 113].

   Our legitimate language has been able to embody our cultural, literary, scientific, social, and political heritage throughout the ages. This has increased the responsibility of its citizens towards it, and it is the duty of the Shari’a and the nation to elevate its position among the human languages. We are urging the media to intensify the dissemination of linguistic awareness among the members of society; so as not to create a serious gap between the people of the community and the public. Our culture and religion, and the reality in which we live. In this spirit, we call on our dear students to raise the status of the Arabic language, especially in cultural and academic forums, in social networking sites and in their daily conversations. Make the essence of their mission to preserve the integrity and cleverness of this language. The ultimate goal of our department is to graduate students armed with knowledge, linguistic and literary culture, to be beacons of science guided by subsequent generations.

   Based on the above, our department works hard to spread the linguistic culture between its students and the members of society, in order to build and enlighten the person; to increase awareness of himself and respect for the other. The teaching staff in our department seek all of its employees to achieve the message of giving and excellence in order to build a conscious generation by following the latest methods of scientific research in teaching. We aspire to leadership and excellence.