Mr. Dean’s word

   The faculty of letter and languages, at the University of Oum El Bouaghi is an educational and research unit in the field of science and knowledge. Based on this, the Faculty is anacademic unit under the direct supervision of the university presidency. Scientific research activities, as well as continuous training activities, improvement of the level and renewal of knowledge as stipulated in Executive Decree No. 03-279 of 23 August 2003, which defines the functions of the University and the rules governing its organization and operation.

    The Faculty wascreated within the university’s list of faculties and institutes to be a distinguished scientific institution that contributes effectively to the vision and mission of the university thanks to its three departments: Arabic Language and Literature Department, French Language and Literature Departmentand English Language and Literature Departmentwith a population of approximately 4,700 students.

     The Faculty has sought to expand the postgraduate programs organizing the third phase Ph.D. In the three departments:Arabic, French and English to give the opportunity for the students of the three departments to complete their studies at this stage.

      In order to achieve excellence and leadership in the Algerian higher education system, the Faculty has been keen to provide qualified personnelat all levels of science, capable of developing and renewing the learning process and scientific research together with the administrative staff, which in turn supervises the good management and organization that our University seeks to settle. , We seek to provide all the material and moral potential, in order researchers overcome difficulties and provide asuitable atmosphere for teachers to perform their work in the best conditions. This is in one hand, on the other one we try to enable studentsto receive knowledge and qualify him to break into the labour market so that we fill him with hope love and aspiration to achieve his goals.This will surround him with a spirit of belonging, honesty, sincerity and dedication to work to acquire the ability to carry out his duties towards his community and homeland.

 This is part of the general educational policy of higher education of the Algerian state aimed at ensuring the outputs of the university, and preparing competencies in the field of Arabic English and French languages and literature, which translates the mission of the university in general and the Faculty of literature and Languages ​​in particular.