Manuscript Requirements

Terms and rules of publication in the journal

The Journal of Corporate Finance & Governance publishes original research works. Contributors to the Journal should take the following guidelines into consideration:

  1. Articles should be supplied in Microsoft Word format (RTF). Article template is available to download fro; the Journal website.
  2.   Articles should be between 15 to 20 pages in length;
  3. A title of not more than ten words should be provided;
  4. A brief CV should be supplied (including: Full name; Affiliation; E-mail address; full international contact details; and Brief professional biography).
  5. Articles must include a 150 to 400 word abstract, if the manuscript submitted is in Arabic, it should comprise two abstracts one of them in English. In addition it should provide up-to four keywords which cover the principal topics of the research.
  6. Footnotes should be used only if absolutely necessary and must be identified in the text by consecutive numbers;
  7. References to other publications must be in English and in the last of the article. Researchers are obliged to use APA style.
  8. Articles should preferably to be written using traditional Arabic font for the articles in Arabic language, size 13; and Times New Roman font for the articles in English languages, size 12;
  9. An article template is available to download from the journal website.
  10.  A Copyright Form should be signed by the Corresponding Author; the Copyright form is available on the journal website.


  1. AThe Journal of Corporate Finance & Governance holds the copyright of the published researches. However, Authors view does not necessarily reflect Journal of Finance & Corporate Governance view.
  2. Authors should submit articles exclusively to the Journal.
  3. Where multiple submissions are received on the same topic, consideration is generally given to the submission that was received or proposed first.